2011 Views on the Council Presidency compromise proposal on the Electromagnetic fields Directive

While some of the changes in the Presidency Compromise Proposal are welcome, Ceemet believes that it does not solve the remaining issues in the Commission’s proposal (compliance with non-measurable values). It would complicate further the situation for Metal, Engineering and Technology-based (MET) companies by removing the relative flexibility that is provided in the commission’s proposal with the distinction of health and safety effects especially when it applies to low frequency range.

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Ceemet key message

  • The high complexity of this dossier requires that it is carefully and thoroughly evaluated and discussed between experts and policy makers without rushing thus making sure that unintentional consequences are avoided.
  • The progress that had been achieved with the Commission’s proposal need to be reinstalled in the text and remaining issues of non-measurable values that cannot be complied with by equipment which do not cause adverse health effects still need to be addressed.

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