2012 Ceemet, ECEG and EURATEX joint statement on Green Paper on Restructuring

Employers organisations Ceemet, ECEG and EURATEX welcome the positive overall approach of the Commission to the necessity of restructuring for companies to be able to adapt to continuous change in the economy and society.

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Ceemet, ECEG & EURATEX joint messages

  • Restructuring is a key factor in ensuring international competitiveness for European companies and therefore a necessary tool for companies. Transformation and restructuring of companies are a normal evolution in the pattern of successful companies.
  • Company restructuring is based on the strategic and economic decisions of an individual company (or group of companies). Such decisions depend on a range of different and interrelated factors.
  • Ceemet, ECEG and EURATEX have doubts on the feasibility of an EU-level initiative concerning an anticipative approach as outlined in the Green Paper. Restructuring needs are by their very nature difficult to predict, as shown by i.a. the economic crisis of 2008-2009.
  • Framework conditions for restructuring processes should allow for restructuring to be decided and carried out as rapidly and with as little bureaucracy as possible.
  • There is already an extensive range of legislative and other instruments dealing with restructuring.
  • The autonomy of Social Partners at company, sector, national and European levels should be respected. The Commission could make a concrete and helpful contribution by identifying and disseminating examples of good or best practice on how to create good framework conditions allowing for swift restructuring and by continuing to support Social Dialogue.

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