2004 Ceemet & Orgalime comments & amendments to MEP Perez-Alvarez draft report on the exposure to risks from physical agents

Ceemet & Orgalime would like to share their concerns with the members of the European Parliament and suggest some improvements to the Council common position. These comments take into account the amendments proposed by the Rapporteur, Mr. Perez-Alvarez, in his report of 3 February 2004, which was tabled for the Employment Committee meeting of 17 February 2004.

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Ceemet & Orgalime joint message

If the outcome of the political agreement reached by the Council on 20/10/2003 is largely improving the initial proposal of the Commission for this physical agent, both associations firmly believe that this directive may still raise major difficulties for a significant number of our members’ companies, especially SMEs in the mechanical and metalworking field.

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