2020 Better Regulation

Regulation must be applicable, enforceable, and based on comprehensive and objective impact assessments. If it fixes the problem, it will boost competitiveness, business investment and job creation. After the 2019 EU elections, Ceemet has a closer look at this policy area following the publication of the 10 Point Plan.

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Ceemet key messages

A new European Parliament has been elected and a new European Commission has been installed. With policy priorities being defined by the latter, the 10 Point Plan for a competitive industry sustaining social Europe - Why Europe needs industry, and why industry needs Europe even more requires more context to its points. This flyer has a closer look at Point 2 Better Regulation, that identifies areas that require action and cases of what would boost industry to the benefit of the EU.


Improve national implementation and support enforcement of the existing EU regulatory framework, before introducing new regulation.


Assess continuously the relevance of existing legislation, focusing on reducing its burden and costs, in particular for SMEs.


Use subsidiarity as an opportunity to bring citizens closer to Europe


Put regulation into perspective: the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) is a proclamation, not a new European Constitution.

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