2004 Strategy paper "Strengthening the competitiveness of the European Metal, Engineering & Technology-based (MET) industries"

This strategy paper sets out the key areas on which Ceemet, together with its member organisations, will work to strengthen the current and future competitiveness of the metal, engineering and technology-based industries within Europe.

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The future of Europe is directly linked to the success of its industrial sector. Ensuring a thriving and competitive environment for Ceemet’s members should therefore be a common goal for all governments, institutions, employers, employees and their representatives. The key for the success of the Lisbon goals is mainly in the hands of the Member States.

Ceemet believes that the above strategic agenda is fundamental to achieving this goal and will therefore be putting forward its views, and engaging in the debate, on the following key policy areas:

  • Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning
  • Labour Market Flexibility and Employee Mobility
  • Pensions and Retirement Arrangements
  • Better Regulation
  • Improving Productivity Performance
  • Innovation and Research and Development

By successfully implementing this strategic agenda with the involvement of all stakeholders, Ceemet will contribute to the development of a more competitive industrial environment, which today is the best – and probably the only – solution to reduce the need for business relocations and to create industrial jobs and wealth for our societies within Europe.

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