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Digitalisation and the World of Safety & Health

Digitalisation is no longer new and it continues its evolution throughout industry. Employers are continuously working on minimising challenges and risks that digitalisation at the workplace causes. Digital technologies, that already complement human labour, offer the possibility of creating a safer and healthier work environment. This publications zooms in on how to maximise the opportunities these digital technologies offers.


Financing EU industry’s digital transformation & global lead role

Industry is facing the challenges of digital transition and decarbonisation, while at the same time being hit by an exceptional symmetric shock. The sustainable evolution of Europe’s industrial ecosystem and its international industrial leadership requires the EU to stand united. After the 2019 EU elections, Ceemet has a closer look at this policy area following the publication of the 10 Point Plan.


Digitalisation and the World of Work

In 2016 Ceemet provided a starting point for debate, providing necessary and compelling industry evidence of the fundamental changes taking place due to digitalisation – from skills demand to organisation of work. This 2nd edition shares new insights, lifting up the important questions and generating solutions. More info also on


Digitalisation and the World of Skills and Education

Digitalisation holds immense potential for companies and society, but the mismatch between skills demand and supply is still not properly dealt with. This report zooms in on skills, education and training sharing insights and inspiration. The publication recommends actions for the EU, governments, education providers, employers and individuals requiring each to take its fair share to close the gap.


Digitalisation & World of Work Report

Digitalisation is challenging business models and changing the work place and the way we carry out work. Whereas many of the existing studies look at the changes to industrial production and processes, the Ceemet report is a 1st step to address this very last point – the way work is carried out in the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based industries (MET). Based on current trends, discussions and company experiences, the reports aims to be a starting point for discussion.

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