2020 Consult Social Partners & Industry

Involving partners and accessing real world expertise is an added value for meaningful policy making and makes a real difference. After the 2019 EU elections, Ceemet has a closer look at this policy area following the publication of the 10 Point Plan.

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Ceemet key messages

A new European Parliament has been elected and a new European Commission has been installed. With policy priorities being defined by the latter, the 10 Point Plan for a competitive industry sustaining social Europe - Why Europe needs industry, and why industry needs Europe even more requires more context to its points. This flyer has a closer look at Point 7 Social Partners make a difference and Point 10 Consult Industry, and identifies areas that require action and cases of what would boost industry to the benefit of the EU.


Shape fit for future labour markets with social partners as key players.


Support a stronger social partnership with adequate conditions.


Respect social partner autonomy. #4 Improve business and social environment by considering EU sectoral social dialogue outcomes.


Keep workers safe and companies open has been social partners’ aim during COVID-19.


Consult industry to take informed decisions.

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