2017 INDUSTRY4EU : industry 4.0 for the future of manufacturing in the EU

Co-funded project by the European Commission bringing together Social Partners to identify actions to turn industry 4.0 challenges into opportunities.

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INDUSTRY4EU : industry 4.0 for the future of manufacturing in the EU

What it is
INDUSTRY 4EU - Industry 4.0 for the future of manufacturing in the EU is a project co-funded by the European Commission (DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion) under the Social Dialogue Support credit line.

The project was carried out over 20 months and aimed to implement the dialogue between social partners and institutions in order to identify concrete actions able to transform the challenges of Industry 4.0 into opportunities.

The partners involved were: Federmeccanica (lead partner), Ceemet - European Tech & Industry Employers (Council of European Employers of the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based industries), Adapt (Association for International and Comparative Studies on Labour Law and Industrial Relations), Ccis (Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Nordbildung (Network of North German training centres, associated with NordMetall). Furthermore IndustriAll (European Trade Union) signed a letter of support to the project.

The INDUSTRY 4EU project pursued the following objectives

  • to support the dialogue between the social partners with regard to tertiary education, in terms of skills and knowledge to be developed within training paths;
  • raising awareness of companies and workers on the opportunities arising from Industry 4.0
  • support the social partners, making them aware of their role in creating human capital and skills for the development of Industry 4.0
  • identify existing initiatives on the subject, highlighting and disseminating best practices
  • guide industrial policies on the subject, both at national and European level.

The INDUSTRY 4EU project has made it possible to develop the following actions:

  • Desk Research aimed at compiling a Literature Review and a Policy Review on the subject
  • Mapping of the "state of the art" of Industry 4.0 in Italy, Germany, Slovenia (within this action, semi-structured interviews will be carried out with some strategic stakeholders and a qualitative and quantitative study will be carried out on Industry 4.0 skills and social dialogue initiatives on the subject)
  • Drafting and presentation of a Position Paper on Industry 4.0

More reports are available on the project website.

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