In a letter to European Commissioner for Jobs & Social Rights Nicolas Schmit, BusinessEurope asks to postpone the application of the new Posting of Workers rules.

Ceemet has from the start contributed to the debate when the Posting of Workers Directive was issue of revision. The demand for its expertise and experts was high, resulting in technical seminars, publications and invitations to speak at expert panels and conferences. At those occasions, Ceemet experts highlighted i.a. the aspect of ‘workability’.

Focus on what is essential: overcoming the coronacrisis

The new rules enter into force as of 30 July, at a time when businesses and national administrations are focusing on the challenges the coronavirus causes. In these times of crisis, business strongly believes that the EU institutions and social partners should focus on what is essential in overcoming this crisis.

This means to protect public health while maintaining the production of vital goods and services and preserving our economic eco-systems to be able to bounce back more rapidly once the health crisis is overcome.

In addition, the COVID-19 crisis causes in many cases delay in the preparations for the transposition and administration of the amended rules on posting.

Maintain the existing rules on posting

Ceemet therefore explicitly supports the BusinessEurope letter to the Commissioner and the Commission to initiate a fast procedure in order to postpone the date of application of the new rules on posting. This until a time when it can be effectively implemented by business and national administrations.

Meanwhile the existing rules on posting of workers with which all operators are already familiar would remain applicable.


BusinessEurope letter to European Commissioner for Jobs Nicolas Schmit
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